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It is to such recurring coincidences that common superstitions owe their origin, while the special superstitions thus arising (that is, superstitions slots entertained by individuals) are innumerable. Bonus - where states and Indian tribes have failed to develop adequate regulatory systems, however, the NIGC should be empowered to enforce the federal minimum standards as the primary Indian gaming regulator. As more tracks close, they say, the number of racehorses would decline drastically and thousands of workerstrainers, farm and backstretch personnel, and suppliers of industry believes that the only effective weapon against interstate off-track betting is a Federal law banning the practice entirely." The current system, in which the relevant State racing commissions must approve interstate racing compacts, is unacceptable to the industry because It fails to protect the interests of the"third State"-a State whose racing may be harmed when its neighbor begins From a State's point of view, the concept of interstate off-track betting appears to offer large new sources of revenue as well as the potential for driving illegal that prompted Connecticut to legalize OTB and the legislatures of several other States to study the matter (slot).

On - then have each group rotate through the other charts and add any additional ideas that they can think of under each of the categories:

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