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You are" Quoits, sir," said Tom Brown, with a sly laugh;"don't you see the stones?""Yes, but there is bar something besides that. Investments in any Person other than: (i) investments in Affiliates of DJT existing on the date of execution and delivery of this Agreement; provided that neither DJT nor any of his Affiliates will make additional loans to or investments in such Affiliates after the date of execution and delivery of this Agreement except to the (ii) direct obligations of the United States or any agency thereof, or obligations guaranteed by the United States or any agency thereof, in each case maturing within two years from the date of from the date of creation thereof rated in the highest grade by two nationally recognized credit (iv) time deposits (maturing within one year from the date of creation thereof) with, and certificates of deposit issued by, any office located in the United States of any bank or trust company which is organized under the laws of the United States or any state thereof, whose long term debt is rated"A" or better by two nationally recognized credit rating agencies and has assets aggregating (v) investments in real property and gaming related businesses ("New Ventures") (x) machine which are not built or located on, otherwise annexed to, enhancements of, or otherwise made an essential part of, any of the Collateral and (y) which are made with (A) the proceeds received and permitted to be retained by DJT in respect of any Capital required to be made hereunder and under the Hew Credit Facility from such proceeds) or (B) the proceeds received and retained by DJT with respect to equity investments made by Persons not constituting Affiliates of DJT or (C) assets of any other Hew purchased or constructed and operated, and the assets thereof shall be owned, only by a Person which is not DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than an Affiliate which is a Hew Venture) or any partnership, joint venture or other entity as to which DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than an Affiliate which is a Hew Venture) is a general partner, joint venturer or otherwise liable directly or indirectly extent that any cash, Cash Equivalents or any other assets of any Hew Venture are at any time held or owned by DJT or any of his Affiliates (other than an Affiliate which is a Hew Venture), they no longer shall be entitled to any of the benefits granted to or in respect of Hew Ventures in this event DJT or any of his Affiliates sells or otherwise disposes of any Hew Venture, all income and other taxes and transaction costs payable in connection therewith shall be paid solely out of the proceeds of such transaction or shall be otherwise paid by such Hew Venture or any other Hew tax sharing agreement with DJT and his Affiliates which are members of the same consolidated group for federal income tax purposes, such agreement to be in form, scope and substance satisfactory to the (e) Leases. Shop, and celtics a place for the accommodation of Chinese gardeners. " They ham tied me to a staked The stakes honor are chips, or counters.

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